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Our commitment to inclusion and diversity

There is a clear moral, social and economic case for why equality and diversity matter. Knowing your community and responding to its diverse needs is at the heart of everything Visual Impact stand for.

Diversity in the TV, Film and media industry is a top priority for us at Visual impact. A key part of our remit is to appeal to people whatever their culture, nationality, religious persuasion, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, gender, race or age.


In 2020, Visual Impact set out a new and clear commitment to be an anti-racist organisation and committed to redouble its efforts to improve diversity and representation of Black, Asian and minority ethnic people within our industry, using its influence in the Broadcast and Film industry and society at large to do more to drive anti-racism.


This pledge is comprised of three clear commitments across all areas of the organisation to underpin this and ensure that Visual Impact is a driver of positive change.


Our inclusion and diversity strategy

Visual Impacts vision is to continue to build on its commitment to giving opportunities to BAME individuals and disadvantaged young adults, both locally and nationally to achieving greater inclusion going forward both as a company and with our partner companies; to be a beacon to the UK TV Rental industry of what an inclusive, diverse and creative culture can look like.

Visual Impacts three commitments to anti-racism


1. Anti-racist: We commit to being an anti-racist organisation

  • We are wholeheartedly committed to being an anti-racist organisation – and to calling out and acting upon racism wherever we see it.

  • We will use our position as one of the UKs leading Rental houses drive positive change – in our organisation, and in the organisations we deal with.

  • We will always act where concerns about racism are raised in our organisation.


2. Our Staff: We commit to strive for BAME equity as an employer

  • We are committed to helping make our industry more accessible to BAME looking to start. 

  • We believe that by having diversity amongst our staff and freelance employees will unlock change.

  • We have launched a new mentoring programme and work experience placements, looking for more diverse staff so that they can develop their careers, both with us or one of our partner companies.

  • We are committed to the Race at Work charter.


3. Our Supply Chain: We commit to fair BAME representation in our supply chain

  • We are making a new commitment to work with BAME-led independent producers.  

  • We are partnering with other rental houses and Production companies to support more BAME looking to gain experience within our industry.

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