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VI Rental 

Get to Know Us

At VI Rental, we’ve been delivering sustainable camera, lense and lighting solutions for over a two decades.

With offices around the UK, we work with global content creators on the creation of natural history documentories, entertainment and drama series, as well as commercial campaigns.

Our crew is made up of experienced technicians and kit specialists, who are here to support you throughout your production journey. Whether you're struggling with kit decisions or need hands-on training for your team, we're here for you. We'll also ensure that your kit is packaged and delivered in the most sustainable way possible. 

A VI Rental staff member testing equipment, ensuring functionality and quality for customers' needs.

Driving a Sustainable Future

Videographer capturing footage in the ocean, showcasing professional equipment and filming techniques in action.

Caring for our planet is at the heart of everything we do at VI Rental.


We feel a deep responsibility to the environment and we're dedicated to minimizing our impact, an integral part of our strategy.

For partners, we offer a pre-hire consultation, recommending the most sustainable solutions, based on production and transport. Our customized reports detail the concrete steps we take to reduce environmental impact, whilst supporting you with obtaining the Albert Accreditation.

Join us in a genuine commitment to drive positive change within the film and TV industry and make a combined positive impact on our planet.

Proud partners of Albert

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