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VI Rental are suppliers to some of the most well known names in Natural History film making. The image is a high resolution close up of a monkey.

As suppliers to some of the most well-known names in Natural History film making, this connection with the natural world is what drives us in our mission for cleaner seas, conservation, and community development.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do, and we continuously review our approach to ensure that we are minimising our impact on the environment.

  • Waste: we recycle 100% of our recyclable waste and we use 100% compostable wrapping for our camera accessories. 

  • Energy and CO2: We use renewable energy suppliers and we've budgeted to replace 80% of our existing fleet by the end of 2024 with electric vehicles. All current vehicles have Euro 6 engines and are compliant with city LEZ. 

  • Responsible Employers: We pay 1% of every hire into an environmental fund that supports projects from Plastic Oceans to Wilds Survivors and Greenpeace.


VI Rental Africa

Following the successful launch of our hub in Tanzania, VI Rental Africa is looking to expand the number of Kit Hubs across the continent, to be able to offer production companies with a sustainable kit rental solution.

Our Tanzania hub now offers a complete in-country filming solution, from cameras and lenses to lighting, sound and underwater solutions. This avoids flying tonnes of equipment from the UK and serves as a base to train in-country talent.

Wild Survivors 

We are a proud funder of Wild Survivors Women’s Beekeeping Enterprise.


The enterprise hub provides an uplift in rural communities, empowering women who live and farm along the elephant corridor to achieve financial independence whilst preserving ecosystems that are critical to stabilising climate change.


VI Rental has teamed up with African Environments to establish a kit hub in Tanzania. The image shows a young wildcat in its natural habitat in Tanzania.

Plant a Tree 

Butterflies flutter around vibrant plants, illustrating VI Rental's Plant a Tree scheme to promote environmental sustainability.

The latest milestone on our exciting journey toward sustainability was our recent acquisition of Fulwood Meadow, a picturesque 5-acre expanse in Devon. This reflects our unwavering commitment to a net-zero strategy.


Collaborating with the Forestry Commission and the Woodland Trust, we're set to transform Fulwood Meadow into a thriving haven with 1,950 trees and a wildflower meadow planted in 2024, seamlessly blending with the beauty of Exmoor National Park.


As a unique touch, each production will conclude with tree allocations, aiming to offset the carbon footprint of our equipment and cultivate a greener future together.

Diversity and


Our Pledge:

Inherent Non-Discrimination - Our firm has never engaged in discrimination and never will. This cultural reality is deeply embedded in our organisational ethos, ensuring that every individual is treated with respect and equity.

Global Perspective - Across our many companies around the world, we have consistently upheld our commitment to non-discrimination and inclusion as evidenced by our low staff turnover and longevity.

Inclusivity in Action - Our core values and subsequent actions reflect our values as it relates to the modern acronym DEI. From recruitment to career advancement, we ensure equal opportunities for all employees.

Supportive Environment - We foster a supportive environment where differences are celebrated, and everyone can contribute and succeed.

Transparency and Inquiry - We welcome any inquiries into our practices, supremely confident that our long-standing track record will speak for itself. We believe in the integrity of our culture and the lived experiences of our employees as the ultimate proof of our commitment to DEI, those being the historical features which have and will continue to insulate our firm from adversity.


A young camera crew members from diverse backgrounds and experiences, working together on a production.
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