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The Arri Alexa 35 is a reliable and versatile professional digital cinema camera. Equipped with a Super 35mm sensor, it offers resolutions ranging from 2K to 4K and supports frame rates up to 120 fps. With options for ProRes and ArriRaw recording, PL or EF lens mounts, and built-in ND filters (in select models), it ensures exceptional image quality and efficiency in filmmaking workflows. Compatible with Arri's ecosystem, it's trusted by professionals for its robust performance.



  • Sensor: Super 35mm

  • Resolution: 2K to 4K

  • Frame Rates: Up to 120 fps

  • Codec Options: ProRes, ArriRaw

  • Lens Mount: PL or EF

  • Built-in ND Filters: Available in select models

  • Compatibility: Arri ecosystem

Image of the Arri Alexa 35 used for gold star cinematography
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