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The ARRI Alexa Mini is a compact yet powerful digital cinema camera renowned for its robust build quality, exceptional image quality, and versatility. It offers filmmakers the flexibility to capture cinematic footage in various shooting scenarios, whether on set or in challenging environments.


  • Sensor: Super 35mm ARRI ALEV III CMOS

  • Resolution: Up to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels)

  • Frame Rates: Up to 200 fps in HD, up to 60 fps in 4K UHD

  • Dynamic Range: Over 14 stops

  • Codec Options: ProRes, ARRIRAW

  • Mount: PL, EF, or B4 mount with adapter

  • Built-in ND Filters: None specified

  • Media: CFast 2.0 cards, SD cards (for ProRes recording)

  • Connectivity: SDI, HDMI, USB, WiFi

  • Weight: Approximately 2.3 lbs (body only)

  • Compatibility: Compatible with ARRI's ecosystem of accessories and workflows.

ARRI Alexa Mini, a compact and versatile digital cinema camera known for its high-quality image capture and robust performance in filmmaking.
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