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The Arri Mini LF is a compact and lightweight digital cinema camera, combining large-format sensor technology with a portable form factor for professional filmmaking.


  • Sensor: Large-format

  • Resolution: Up to 4.5K

  • Frame Rates: Up to 60 fps at full sensor resolution

  • Codec Options: ProRes, ArriRaw

  • Dynamic Range: Over 14 stops

  • Lens Mount Options: PL, LPL, EF

  • ND Filters: Built-in motorized

  • Design: Compact and lightweight

  • Connectivity: SDI, HDMI

  • Power: V-lock or Gold mount compatible

  • Compatibility: Arri accessories

ARRI Mini LF, a compact and versatile digital cinema camera known for its high-resolution image quality and reliability in professional filmmaking.
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