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The Sony Venice 6K is a professional digital cinema camera known for its 6K resolution and versatility. It features a full-frame sensor, supports up to 60 fps in 6K, offers dual base ISO, built-in ND filters, and advanced color science. With a modular design and compatibility with various accessories, it's ideal for high-quality filmmaking.


  • Resolution: 6K (6048 x 4032 pixels)

  • Sensor: Full-frame 36 x 24mm

  • Frame Rates: Up to 60 fps in 6K

  • Codec Options: X-OCN, ProRes, XAVC

  • Dynamic Range: Exceptional for capturing details in highlights and shadows

  • Dual Base ISO: 500 and 2500 for versatile low-light performance

  • Modular Design: Customizable and compatible with a range of accessories

  • Anamorphic Support: Various options available

  • Built-in ND Filters: Electronically controlled for easy exposure adjustment

  • Workflow: Seamlessly integrates with Sony's professional ecosystem

  • Compatibility: Supports a wide range of accessories for flexible setups

  • Color Management: Utilizes advanced color science for accurate reproduction and grading flexibility.

Sony Venice 6K, a powerful digital cinema camera known for its high-resolution imaging capabilities and advanced filmmaking features.
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